TPS65295 DDR4 Memory Power Solution


Updated 18/8/2021

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The TPS65295 device provides a complete power solution for DDR4 memory system with the lowest total cost and minimum space. It meets the JEDEC standard for DDR4 power-up and power-down sequence requirement. The TPS65295 integrates two synchronous buck converters (VPP and VDDQ) and a 1-A sink and source tracking LDO (VTT) and a buffered low noise reference (VTTREF). The TPS65295 employs D-CAP3™ mode coupled with 600-kHz switching frequency for ease-of-use, fast transient, and support for ceramic output capacitors without an external compensation circuit.


  • DDR4 memory power supplies
  • Notebook, PC computers, and servers
  • Ultrabook, tablet computers
  • Single-board computer, computer on module

Product includes professional library, confirmed schematic design. Our design has also a full output job and active Bill of Materials.

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Design Files (Altium Designer)

Schematic Design & Library, Full Design & Library


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